Move on! Get over it! Everything happens for a reason!

Famous words when we are in struggle. In reality though its not that simple and uncomplicated.

Yet people seem to think they can sum up their life experiences in these three phrases and magically move on with their lives.


This is like putting a band aid on a wound and pretending that the wound that’s festering beneath it is now miraculously going to cure by itself.
We can go days, weeks, months, years and sometimes even decades believing that the wounds have healed and then one day, something or someone triggers it and just like that the festering wound will rupture and burst into our faces.
A bit dramatic and graphic but you get my point, right!

Here’s what I say to people who are getting over it or moving on from it without doing the internal work after life hits you hard with a disappointment or setback especially those that you didn’t see coming……”if you don’t take the time to work through this stuff and get real with yourself, this stuff is going to follow you around for the rest of your life and surface when you least expect it or want it”.

In your haste to move on or get over it you will settle for less than you deserve because you haven’t unpacked your past choices and decisions. Whether you want to or not, you will make the same or similar choices when you haven’t cleaned the wounds and healed the pain.

Don’t settle, do the work!