My little gremlin, the voice of fear

Have you noticed that the tough decisions we have to make is almost always the one’s that gives us the most fulfilling and satisfying feelings once we are brave enough to face them?

Deciding to step into my purpose and pursue life coaching and mentoring as a full time job was easy in the heart but oh so tough in the mind. You know that feeling when your heart says “YES, this feels right!” and your head says, “what on earth do you think you doing?” Well I battled with that feeling for a long time and even after everything aligned and fell into place, I still have moments when I think, what are you thinking?

Because I’m a trained coach, I know this kind of self-talk. It’s the voice inside our head which is fear-based and wants to keep us safe at all cost. Some call it the ego but I like to think of it as my little gremlin who feels threatened by my personal evolution and transformation. She’s so sly. Making me think she’s just so concerned about my well-being when in reality she’s just so afraid of being replaced with wonder, magic and abundance. I’ve listened to her for so many years, living in fear of “what ifs” and remaining small and invisible. But not anymore!

Replacing the voice of fear with the voice of abundance and love is no easy task. It’s not something you can do once and then your fears are gone forever. We have to do it everyday. And on somedays the voice of fear is SCREAMING and the voice of abundance and love is really battling to make itself heard.

I’m sure you have your own little gremlins who speak to you in that fear-based voice when you want to step out and do something different. Next time you hear her/him whisper in your ear “what if”….. take a deep breath, go to that quiet place within and ask yourself “why not”.

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