How gratitude will help you go from poverty to prosperity

I heard someone say we need to watch our spending because everything is going up in price and if you are not careful you will not have enough money.

I used to buy into this reasoning and this mindset until I realised that there is so much money in this world that we certainly can’t run out of it anytime soon.

There’s something about your mindset that seems to drive what shows up in your reality. Ever notice how some people never have enough money, others seem to have sufficient and then there are those who have an abundance. I’m thinking that those with abundance must be operating from an abundant mindset. They don’t believe that there is too little money, they just have figured out how to get money to flow to them.

Look I’m not saying there isn’t poverty and that people just have to think about more money then they will get more. No, I’m saying that when we live from a place of gratitude for what we have and we stop complaining about what we don’t have, money will start to come to us.

Just like we keep love away from us when we close our hearts, so too do we keep money and prosperity away from us when we shut out possibility. Ever notice how some people can make a living by doing things we would never have thought of? They’ve learnt how to open themselves up to possibility. (P.S and I’m not talking about anything illegal or unlawful).

Gratitude is the language of GOD. Every expression of gratitude opens the lines of communication between us and GOD. When we learn the language of God we speak with faith and anything seems possible.

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