In my gut I knew something was wrong.

You know that feeling you get in your gut when something feels off?  The one we often ignore or pretend we didn’t feel. Well what if I told you that feeling is one of the best ways to tap into guidance and wisdom.

We have this built in guidance system that connects us to our Creator.

I like to think of it as a little chip HE put inside us all to make sure HE can always communicate with us. When we are in danger even before it manifests itself completely, something in our gut tells us we should watch out. I know you’ve experienced this before, just like I have. It’s our Creator communicating to us through the little chip or our intuition or gut.

Problem is sometimes we ignore the communication. And let me tell you, we always regret it later.

We end up saying things like “ I had this feeling in my gut that something was wrong or off, but I did it anyway”. Sounds familiar?

What is it with us then? Why do we continuously make choices that goes against our gut hoping that this one time our gut will be wrong?

I guess because most times we can’t clearly name and identify what’s wrong or where the danger is. There’s just something in the gut that feels uneasy.

Ever been in the company of someone and they make you feel uneasy? You don’t know anything about them. Perhaps you’ve never even met them but something tells you they not to be trusted. It’s your gut sending you a warning. But here’s the rub, you have no valid reason to believe this person will harm you in anyway. So you shrug it off.  Sounds familiar?

We can rationalise ourselves into or out of  anything. 

Even though you haven’t seen a lion eat a human at the zoo, you still heed the warning when you see the sign “Don’t feed the lions”. Why then won’t you heed the warning when your gut says “Danger, do not go there”

Next time your gut red flags you, take a moment to get still and listen. Even if there is no rational reason, be careful, think again, proceed with caution or not at all.

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