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Soft heart, strong back

I thought being kind and having boundaries were mutually exclusive. I struggled to reconcile having my own needs met without making others feel like I’m being selfish and unkind. We all want to be liked and we all want to be kind to others. It’s one of the best qualities of human character. We are […]

Be Brave, Live BIG !

I thought I was shrinking because I was afraid of how others would perceive me, but then I realised I was shrinking because living BIG meant I had to let go of blame & judgement and take full responsibility for my life. Ouch! Blaming and judging seduces us into believing that our world would be […]

Is the story you making up diminishing your worthiness?

You know how things happen to you and you find yourself making up a story about it and basing your decisions and choices on the made up story? This used to happen to me often until I started becoming more aware and conscious about the stories I was making up in my head. It never occurred […]