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Romantic love – stay grounded in self-love

What does self-love have to do with a romantic love relationship, you ask? Surely when we find our significant other, the “I” becomes “we”? Many women make this mistake, thinking that we are being loving partners by giving up parts of ourselves and merging with our partners in all areas of our lives when we […]

Conscious parenting: 5 ways to parent positively

Parenting! It’s no walk in the park. And as parents, we’re always seeking new ways to improve our parenting styles. Maybe you’re going through a challenging time right now, and this is why you’re here. You’re struggling to become the parent you wish to be. You’ve read all the books and listened to all the podcasts […]

Make the most of a new start – 5 tips to kick off 2020!

Here’s a not so fun fact about life: It doesn’t come with a “start over” button.  Now, before you let this realisation sink in and make you miserable, let me ease your worries.  This fact doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh starts in life. You may not be able to start at zero and erase […]


Never before have I been more aware that living in the present moment is not always easy, than when I have an idea and it starts unfolding in my head faster than it starts manifesting in reality. It’s as if I want to be there already. There where what I want to create is all […]

Timing is everything…..let it unfold in God’s time!

Have you ever noticed  how life always seems to be working out just right for you even when you think things are not going your way? Hindsight is so amazing. It gives you insight after the fact and highlights to you things you would not have been able to see in the moment. I’ve often […]

Don’t let uncertainty be your dream killer!

What is it about certainty that seduces us into believing that we must have it in order to be successful? As we wind down into the end of yet another year and start thinking ahead to starting a brand new year, I find myself thinking about this question. As human beings we are always wanting, […]

If the shoe fits, own it!

I was busy finalising the content of my workshop coming up this weekend when it suddenly occurred to me that the practice of authenticity is such a beautiful thing. In a world where everyone is desperately trying to make their lives appear as perfect as possible, being real is such a breath of fresh air. […]

It starts with YOU!

How can your coaching change my life? This is the question I have to answer when I see a new client. Instead of using marketing terms and sales pitch I’ve decided to get real and answer this straight from the heart. Life coaching emerged in the 1980’s as a professional practice when people started realising […]

Own your worth, lose the hustle!

The first time I heard someone use the word “hustling” in the business world, I thought that’s interesting, what exactly does “hustling” mean? Like most people, I’ve become quite friendly with Google to help me understand words and phrases. So here’s what Google said about the word hustle . It comes from the Dutch word […]