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Never before have I been more aware that living in the present moment is not always easy, than when I have an idea and it starts unfolding in my head faster than it starts manifesting in reality. It’s as if I want to be there already. There where what I want to create is all […]

Timing is everything…..let it unfold in God’s time!

Have you ever noticed  how life always seems to be working out just right for you even when you think things are not going your way? Hindsight is so amazing. It gives you insight after the fact and highlights to you things you would not have been able to see in the moment. I’ve often […]

Don’t let uncertainty be your dream killer!

What is it about certainty that seduces us into believing that we must have it in order to be successful? As we wind down into the end of yet another year and start thinking ahead to starting a brand new year, I find myself thinking about this question. As human beings we are always wanting, […]

If the shoe fits, own it!

I was busy finalising the content of my workshop coming up this weekend when it suddenly occurred to me that the practice of authenticity is such a beautiful thing. In a world where everyone is desperately trying to make their lives appear as perfect as possible, being real is such a breath of fresh air. […]

It starts with YOU!

How can your coaching change my life? This is the question I have to answer when I see a new client. Instead of using marketing terms and sales pitch I’ve decided to get real and answer this straight from the heart. Life coaching emerged in the 1980’s as a professional practice when people started realising […]

Own your worth, lose the hustle!

The first time I heard someone use the word “hustling” in the business world, I thought that’s interesting, what exactly does “hustling” mean? Like most people, I’ve become quite friendly with Google to help me understand words and phrases. So here’s what Google said about the word hustle . It comes from the Dutch word […]

Allowing the loss, to accept the gain.

Most of us want something for nothing. We want to be fit and healthy without exercising, successful without taking a risk, and loved without losing anything. This “all blessings, no burdens” idea of how life should be is very American, since America is the only culture in the world that seems to expect life to be […]

Enough already with the people-pleasing!

As a life coach and mentor for women I get really close to the struggles women have with their interpersonal relationships and how they continue to show up in their lives. I recently did a survey to establish what behaviours women were battling with and what their pain points were around it. An overwhelming amount […]

Group Coaching Workshop Series

We all have a story, loving ourselves through it is the bravest thing we can do! Be brave ! Engage with like-minded women! Explore, unpack and learn through collective sharing! In this content rich workshop series we will unpack our uniqueness and our imperfections. Learn to let go of who we think we suppose to […]

In my gut I knew something was wrong.

You know that feeling you get in your gut when something feels off?  The one we often ignore or pretend we didn’t feel. Well what if I told you that feeling is one of the best ways to tap into guidance and wisdom. We have this built in guidance system that connects us to our […]