Never before have I been more aware that living in the present moment is not always easy, than when I have an idea and it starts unfolding in my head faster than it starts manifesting in reality.

It’s as if I want to be there already. There where what I want to create is all done and I can see the manifested version of my great idea. The feeling of not being “there” can be over-whelming to the point where we sometimes feel paralysed in our actions.

This is where we need to practice present moment awareness and where we must learn to focus on the NOW. The NOW is the only place that we have power. It’s where the idea was born and its where we must stay so that we can let the journey unfold towards the manifestation.

This is easier said than done because we are after all only human. We want things and we want it NOW! No-one has ever created a masterpiece of any kind within days of the idea being born in their imagination


Whether it’s a new body, a new version of your SELF or a new business, start where you are!

Make a list of all the steps you need to focus on in order to reach your manifested desire and then prioritise these steps in order of importance and flow.

You cannot lose 5 kg by wishing that you were 5kg lighter. You need to decide what you must change and what you must add to your diet and your exercise in order to start dropping grams which will eventually accumulated to kg’s.

The same with starting a new business. Decide what you want to do and then get clear on what you need to change/remove/add from your current daily routine in order to start creating a new business.

In this present moment you will find the answer to every question that will lead you to the next present moment with the next question and answer & so on and so on.

Once you decide that you want it, see it in your mind, write it in your journal and plan it in your day. Then follow the intuitive prompts that life will bring you in each present moment.

Start where you are, stay present and listen!


LIFE will bring you everything you need to make your dreams come true if you just stay present and engaged with your own life and stay out of everyone else’s.