Timing is everything…..let it unfold in God’s time!

Have you ever noticed  how life always seems to be working out just right for you even when you think things are not going your way? Hindsight is so amazing. It gives you insight after the fact and highlights to you things you would not have been able to see in the moment.

I’ve often found myself frustrated when things don’t seem to be going my way. Only to find out later that the way it turned out was so much better for me in the long run. We don’t have sight of the bigger picture so we tend to see only what is right there in front of us at the time.

How often have you thought that you want something so badly but it’s not happening for you. You struggle and push and pull and you try to make things happen to go your way but in the end it just turns out badly for you. Whether we call the Higher Power GOD, The Universe, Spirit or ALLAH, knowing that there is a Higher Power who sees the bigger picture and is always orchestrating the events in our life, to bring only the best into our life, will serve us best in the long run.

When we keep out focus on the things that did not go our way and we continually keep reminding ourselves of the way we wanted it to be, we are missing the beauty of the way things are in this moment.

I used to be one of those people who decided how I wanted things to be and then pushed and pulled and prodded and poked in order to make it happen that way. But then I realised that faith requires that you decide on what you want and remain so sure that it will happen without you pushing and pulling eventually what you want will unfold effortlessly and in a way more beautifully than you could have orchestrated. That’s the power of the CREATOR.  All we have to do is ask and believe and leave the how and when up to HIM. Then watch how things fall into place to bring all of your desires into reality.

There’s an old saying “Give it to God and go to sleep”. 

It’s something few of us have learnt to do. We want to give it to Him, then tell HIM how to fix it, then check if He is infact busy fixing it, and then because it’s taking too long for our liking, we’ll decide to take it back from HIM.

Trust and believe that His got your back and while you are asleep, His working on bringing all of your dreams into reality.