Something big happened in my life last year. It’s been wonderful, scary, joyful and over-whelming all at once but what I know for sure is that it’s the best thing ever to happen to me in years!

I’m realising that had I not given myself permission to have this beautiful relationship with an amazing man, chances are I would still not have it in my life.

You see what I’ve learnt during the last few years is that, unless you declare your desires with absolute certainty and clarity, they will not manifest in your reality. And unless you are willing to allow your desires to unfold in your life, you will continue to keep them away without realising it.

The universe has a way of hearing very clearly what we want, not by what we say but rather by how we act. Another way to put it is action speaks louder than words.

Sometimes though we delay action because we are waiting for permission to act.

When last did you give yourself permission to allow something magical, scary and joyful to happen to you?

That new job, that new house, that new relationship. All the things you say you want but are afraid to claim and own, it’s all there waiting for you to give yourself permission to have!

It’s crazy, I know. You’re saying, wait up, that can’t be right!

Why would I be keeping my desires away when I so desperately want that new job or that new house or that amazing relationship?

Your intention to have something must align with your actions in bringing it into your reality. You must make space for the new job, the new house or the new relationship if you want to call it into your life. A space that is already filled has no room for anything else.

Whether it’s in your head, in your heart, in your energy or in your mind, the more you focus on what you have, the more what you have remains active in your life.

Ever heard of purging?

The dictionary defines purging as a verb which means the following:

  1. rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition.
  2. physically remove (something) completely



Purging is liberating, it’s cleansing and it’s so necessary in our lives. It’s like a spring clean of our lives. We all know in which area of our life we need to do some spring cleaning. But how many of us are willing to make our actions speak louder than our words in those areas.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying resign today, sell your house tomorrow or break off that toxic relationship immediately. What I’m saying is stop talking about what you don’t want in your life any longer. Take action! There is power only in action, not words.

So if you hate your job, a good place to start is to prepare your CV, right?

Ofcourse I’m right!

You are the only one standing between what you want and what you have. Take your life to the next level. Say YES to YOU!